To many consumers, the crust of a pizza is often overlooked for its role in making pizza taste better, especially as it lies hidden under a colorful array of toppings.

Those of us in the know understand the pizza crust is far more than a foundation for toppings.
We realize it's a essential element that, when prepared properly, brings a richness of aroma and flavor to every bite.
It must be carefully crafted and finessed to work in harmony with the sauce, the cheese, and a variety of fresh toppings.
And when they all come together, it truly makes for a savory dining experience.

Your tradition of excellence.
In passionate pursuit of the ideal combination of ingredients, many chefs have spent years fine-tuning their pizza crusts. Once perfected, these guarded recipes often become an untold tradition of sorts... shared with few...but always served with consistency and pride. It takes a lot of work to prepare these hearty crusts day after day, but it's always been considered time well spent if it keeps your costumers coming back for more.

Now just imagine the time you'd save if you could get your exact, full-flavored crust in a frozen, ready-to-bake form. Sounds pretty good - doesn't it.

No one has greater respect for your crust than Mountain Harvest.
At Mountain Harvest we've been crafting superior, custom pizza crusts since 1972.
Our standards and meticulous attention to quality and consistency have carried us stride for stride with the fast growing pizza industry. Over the years, many elements of the industry have changed, but the commitment of our time and effort it requires to create a great tasting, custom crust has remained the same. With all our experience, we know that better than anyone.

Perfecting your custom formulation is our specialty.
We can take virtually any recipe, duplicate it, and provide you with a frozen, ready-to-proof and bake equivalent of your exact crust. We respect the efforts and pride that went into perfecting your crust so we will not compromise your quality just for the sake of convenience. We'll do our best to maintain the levels of flavor, texture and aroma you've crafted into your crusts. And when it comes to your guarded formulation, we guarantee your secret is safe with us.

All our products are made from nature's finest golden wheat.

Your recipe. Our Experience.
The perfect combination.

There are many advantages to serving Mountain Harvest's custom pizza crusts.
Some will save you money, and all will keep your customers coming back for more.

  •  No more mess - with Mountain Harvest, you'll eliminate the messy preparation, rolling and cutting, all of which require daily cleanup on your part. We'll handle it all in our clean, sanitary production facility and save you the hassle.
  • Quality Ingredients - Only the finest ingredients go into our crusts - including carefully raised golden wheat. Cutting corners on ingredients simply won't cut it in our operation.
  • Handmade Freshness - once formed, your crusts are carefully frozen to capture all the home-style goodness of your fresh dough recipe.
  • Exquisite Flavor - your recipe and our accuracy assure your crusts will maintain their wholesome taste, rich aroma, and pleasing texture.
  • Unparalleled Consistency - with our precise mixing methods, your crusts will cook evenly and consistently every time at every location.
  • Convenience - just grab a crust from the freezer and your ready to go. You can forget about worrying if you made enough crusts to get you through the day.
  • Versatility - our unique equipment allows us to roll your crust to any thickness, and cut it in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it's thick or thin, or round or rectangle, we'll get it right for you.
  • Less Labor - by utilizing ready-to-bake crusts, you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time serving and catering to your customers.
  • Flexibility - not only will we work for you, we'll work with you to assure you get exactly what you want. If you need to tweak your formulation, it is no problem with us.
  • Reasonable Minimums - whether you're a small or large scale operation, we want to work with you.
  • It's Guaranteed - as with all of our products, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

By utilizing Mountain Harvest to prepare your crusts, you can't go wrong. It's the simple, economical, and convenient way to maintain your quality pizza crust while improving your bottom line.

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